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Bath Resurfacing, Repair & Renovation Specialist Scotland

Your old bath may have seen better days, be far from a pleasant experience to use, and even an embarrassment when guests visit, but you’re not ready to let it go just yet!

There are many different reasons for choosing to renovate and restore your existing bathtub rather than replace it. Whatever your reason you can be assured that we’ll return it to its full former glory, for you to fall in love with again once more.

Operating across southern Scotland, we carry out a wide range of renovation and repair work to all different types of bath surfaces including acrylic, plastic, porcelain & metal.

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Why The Bath Works?

Restore v Replace

When restored your bath may well be better quality than a modern replacement and save work & money in retiling & remodelling

Trusted & Experienced

We have been repairing, resurfacing and restoring baths and other sanitary ware for over 20 years

Ease & Convenience

The renovation work is done with your bath in situ, with the taps & waste in place and is completed and ready for use again within a day

Insured & Guaranteed

We are fully insured and provide a guarantee for all our work, dependent on the service

Our Services

Bath Resurfacing

Also referred to as re-enamelling, any damage is repaired before – after careful preparation – a brand new surface is applied to the bath

Bath Surface Restoration

Baths not too damaged, badly stained, or worn can sometimes be restored to a good condition with a good clean and/or sanding and polishing

Bath Colour Change

Whilst white is undoubtedly the most popular choice, we can also restore your bath to its original colour, or to match the rest of your suite

Bath Damage Repairs

We can repair the most common types of damage to both baths & shower trays inc, holes, cracks & damaged edges – dependant on its composition

Bath Chip Repairs

Chips are very common and can usually be repaired and colour matched to restore your bath to a fully functional & pristine condition

Anti Slip Application

We can apply a non-slip coating to any bath, but please do be aware that due to this area being rougher it can dull quicker than the rest of the bath

Bathroom Suite Renovation

As well as bath restoration we can also renovate your whole bathroom suite including repairs, cleaning, resurfacing and all new colour matching

Toilet & Sink Chemical Cleaning

If your other bathroom fittings also need a little TLC to restore them to their former glory then we can help with this too

Silicon Sealant Replacement

We can apply new silicon sealant to your bath after it has been renovated – and also to other sanitary ware such as a shower or sink

Any questions about any of our services? Please do Get in Touch

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Previous Projects


“Ian was so pleasant and worked hard to give me a really lovely bath. So glad l can use my bath again”

Isobel Wiseman – Shawlands


“I had my bath done a few years ago by another company but this time the work looks far better. The bath is smoother and shinier than l have ever had it”

Jim Orrock – Glasgow


“The bath has had its original smooth finish restored. I felt Ian worked hard and my wife is now happy with the bath again!”

James Morgan – Cumbernauld


“I was recommended to Ian by a good friend and the bath really is a transformation. l cannot wait to use it now.”

Jane Watters – Glasgow


“My shower tray was really depressing me and after a great job, l now love my shower tray again. Many thanks Ian”

Anne Henry – Aberdour


“I was going to by a new bath because of the state it was in, it was embarrassing. But a friend said to get it re-enamelled and l’m so glad l did – it looks like new anyway!”

Nancy Skeoch – Prestwick


“We really love our bath and were very reluctant to part with it because it was dull and worn but we simply couldn’t find a similar bath. Like new again. Happy :-)”

Peter Wallace – Girvan


“Really happy with the job Ian did. Fantastic!
Just like new now :-)”

Margaret Anne Kelly – Bellshill


“Wow! Great job. Very impressed. I would recommend.”

Eva Hawks – Bathgate


“What a fantastic job. The bath is very old but we love it because it is so big. Now looking forward to getting in it again. First Class work and beyond our expectations, never realised it would be that good.”

Alan Stevenson – Stirling


What’s the difference between re-enamelling and resurfacing?

In today’s terminology there is no difference between re-enamelling and resurfacing, both mean the same thing – as does the term refinishing which you may also have heard of. They are all often used interchangeably.

Technically re-enamelling is a different process but it refers to an outdated service which does not present the quality of finish, resilience to modern cleaners and longevity as the better quality applications available today.

How long does the work take in resurfacing my bath?

Damage and chip repairs make take just a couple of hours whilst the full resurfacing / re-enamelling process can take 7-8 hours – so within the day.

There are quite a few stages and processes that must be followed carefully and correctly to get the best possible finish. If you’ve done any decorating or remedial work in your home then you’ll know that the best quality finish cannot be rushed.

Once the work has been completed then you will be able to use your bath – or shower – the next day.

Can you change the colour of my bath?

Yes certainly. The most popular request is to re-enamel the colour to white, but we can also enamel the bath in its original colour like avocado.

We can even change the whole bathroom suite to white, or colour match your bath to a coloured suite or change it to any colour you wish.

When is the best time to do the bath around other works?

If possible it’s best to have any work that may potentially damage the bath done first – and any ‘finishing’ work completed afterwards.

Work to do first (if possible) includes retiling, fitting of an electric shower and any lighting above the bath. ie Any work where tools or materials could be dropped onto the bath and possibly cause damage.

Finishing work may include the final coat of paint, wallpapering, or laying of any expensive flooring.

If you’re changing the taps and/or drainage fittings then this should be done before resurfacing your bath.

If you’re retiling then do not apply new sealant until after the bath restoration work.

If you have any questions whatsoever about the order in which to carry out other works around your bath renovations then please do get in touch.

What preparation should I do before you arrive?

Although we do our best to keep it to a minimum and clear up after ourselves the preparation work in bath resurfacing does cause a bit of dust. Therefore it’s best to remove as many ‘non-fixed’ items as possible before the work commences – including shampoo, toothbrushes and laundry bin etc

Any cupboards or wall mounted cabinets can usually be sealed with masking tape to reduce the ingress of dust.

If you’re changing your taps and/or drainage fittings then this should be done before you have the bath resurfaced.

How do I clean & maintain my resurfaced bath?

Your newly resurfaced bath will almost certainly be easier to clean and more resilient to modern cleaning products than your existing surface – especially if it’s the original one.

Most liquid cleaners such as Cif, Flash & Mr Muscle should be fine but do avoid abrasive cream cleaners and, more obviously, use of scourers. We will be able to give more advice and answer any questions you may have on cleaning when we come to resurface your bath.

In terms of “aftercare” the most important thing is to be aware of and take precautions against anything that may fall into and damage/chip your newly resurfaced bath.

If something heavy is dropped into the bath often the surface appears to be totally fine, but damage has been done on the original surface below. Only sometime later does the new surface ‘give up’ and come away.

With good care your new bath surface can last for many years.

Can you give me an idea of the cost?

There are a number of factors which influence pricing including; the size & extent of the damage, size and composition of the bath, its colour and colour matching, and location. Both its positioning in your property and geographically.

Please do get in touch for an accurate quote to restore you bath and/or any other sanitary ware, but we’re happy to provide an idea of our pricing range.

Repairs start from £75 whilst complete bath resurfacing / renamelling – our most popular service – ranges from £300 to £600.


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